A Brief History

Vince and Joe Cunetto were always cooking in the back room of their neighborhood pharmacy. A small three legged, two burner countertop stove had to be held up with a coffee cup, but it did the job. Whether it was a big pot of soup or an old family pasta recipe, friends, local doctors, and drugs salesmen would gather in the small back office for a delicious meal.

In 1972, the Cunetto brothers sold the pharmacy. Determined to stay on "The Hill" in the historic Italian section of St. Louis, they opened Cunetto House of Pasta back in October of 1974.

Cunetto's - as it is most commonly called by locals - still remains in the same location and continues to serve the same delicious traditional Italian cuisine since the very beginning.

Over the years, Cunetto's has become a St. Louis tradition. Many local families celebrate "special occasions" at Cunetto's or make Cunetto House of Pasta their regular Friday night restaurant. It's also a favorite of visitors to the city. Many return year after year to eat a favorite dish they can only get at Cunetto's. Visitors include politicians, sports stars. hollywood celebrities, and even famous performers appearing at The Fox or The Muny.

After all these years, Cunetto House of Pasta is still family owned and operated by Vince's son, Frank Cunetto, and the caring and attentive Cunetto's staff. Cunetto House of Pasta works hard to make sure your service is always as excellent as your meal.

Cunetto's goal is to be more than just a St. Louis tradition; it's to become you and your Family's tradition as well... So stop in and visit Cunetto House of Pasta! You'll be glad you did.